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I can’t believe I’m able to write a post like this. I can’t BELIEVE that in 3 short years of me specializing in newborn photography I can now say that I have a space of my OWN. When I started in this business I worked with what I had… which was not a lot of space or equipment. I tried to make it work, but quickly realized I needed to invest in both. In addition to investing in space and equipment I invested in EDUCATION. Guys, I cannot stress how important this is to me. As a professional (pharmacist), I STRIVE to improve my business in any ways I can. To me, that includes continuing education. The newborn photography world is constantly changing (in wonderful ways) and I need to keep up for my clients!!! I have completed in person workshops, online workshops, and longitudinal courses. This stuff has been Ah-MAZING for my skills.


After all that fun stuff, I decided I needed a beautiful space. My basement is approximately 1500 square feet. Around 800 of it was already finished, but was essentially supposed to be a living space. For about a year I used that space for my business and quickly became frustrated that I was sharing it with my children. They needed somewhere to play, too!! So, this past year I decided to finish the unfinished portion of my basement. GUYS. It is like  dream come true and I am so excited to share this with you. A space that has become my own that I can now share with the world!


I give to you, Abbey Lynn Photography Studios!

This mug tho….

A coffee bar for all of my *mostly* sleep deprived parents!

Changing table and a deep sink convenient for clients to clean up their babes! 🙂

Trust me. I know I have a prop problem and, no, it isn’t improving.

Do I need more headbands? I think I need more headbands…

There ya have it, guys! I hope to see you here someday!! 🙂

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